Monday, March 19, 2012


WHEN VIOLENCE IS EQUIVALENT TO BETRAYAL (Article Title) The elections in Greece will take approximately 50 days from today. It is the most charged in decades. And will be charged because within two years Greek citizens were forced into a violent internal devaluation cut, by about 50% of their earnings and their property as well.
One of the main causes of this misery was the populism and customer perception of the politicians that managed power in Greece. . For decades, scattered promises, maximalist demands, increases without trial, monkey bonuses, ex gratia pensions and much more. …Whether ruled either as governors or by the opposition parties, were operated by the same irresponsible. Without planning and awareness of the effects of their actions. ….Opportunism for temporary political gain. This was the doctrine. …. For both parties in power , and for the left part as well …that supposed that was in the opposite side…
And unfortunately even today some of them follow the same tactic they know and not another.
With the difference as about the today, that money do not exist anymore so as to claim absurdly unrealistic increases to caress the ears ….of the candidates- 'clients' , the voters, so… they take up populism in the commercialization of indignation that they themselves caused ! They push direct or incite violence. They speculate in frustration and despair !
Greek society, by right is "boiling" , and they want to transform it into a mob. So after many years we hear again about “anti-rumpus” (contra-gathering), violence and stoning. …….Bravo-on inflatable excluding areas and impose their own law…..
This is the “recipe” to complete the destruction of the country ! Those who cultivate hope to benefit from the “chaos” that would result…….so they will be found with increased political power in the “chaos” !!!
Their responsibility is enormous. ….!!! Better they think about it well. …. Better they flash back to the historical past events…. Finally better they stop behave outrageously on to the Country’s Body….. !
Whoever cause, tolerate or do not prevent any form of violence, shall commit national crime !

PS : I am not referring, as it is obvious, to the reactions and protests. These are not just reasonable. They are imposed. I do refer to the violence. The violence that convert a suffer society into a jungle ….

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