Sunday, March 18, 2012

Think you can?

Life is a journey, during which we intertwine with fellow travellers. It unfolds before us like a carpet. We don’t know what colour the next yard will be; neither do we know how long it will keep  unfolding for.
Sometimes the decisions we make today decide our tomorrow. 
Sometimes life spoils our plans and those decisions don’t make one iota of difference.
We can make a difference; daily. A smile,an encouragement, a good deed.
I have been lucky to have taught children what little I know.
I was honoured that they taught me how much I didn’t.
Knowledge is thirst,
Knowledge is questioning,
Knowledge is challenging,
Knowledge is not accepting what is being given
Learning to understand the essence.
I ask,
I question,
I want to know.
To conquer is easy
To climb to the top is possible
To challenge our thinking?
Try it…
By Conn Bardi

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