Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New Pope in Rome! Another one anti-gay conservative Pope.His profile.

Jesuit and preservative the Argentine Pope used to travel by Metro and lived the bankruptcy of 2001
The Argentine Jorge Mario Bergkolio, the new Pope Francis I, Jesuit roots and conservative trends, before being elected as the 266th pope by the conclave was the archbishop of Buenos Aires.
He is the first pope from South America and the first from the Jesuits.
In each case was a surprising choice (Even with relatively few votes in the conclaves) as his name was not among the most likely.
Provisions like the election of a younger age: Bergkolio is 76 years old and every time the conclave (supposedly) they must find the balance between a not too young and one not much older candidate.
Bergkolio was candidate again in 2005 when he reportedly finished second back by Pope Benedict. Since then focused on pastoral work,something that is considered to be an important asset for the election to the High church office.
Jesuit roots, Bergkolio, has demonstrated a practical approach to poverty, which also employs decades the Church and theologians in South America.
He is, however, a very conservative priest.
In 2010 he had opposed the decision of the government of Argentina to legalize gay marriage; arguing that children have the right to be raised "by a father and a mother."

In other instances criticized the government for not doing enough to eradicate poverty in Argentina while he is extremely critical against corruption.
Through the Argentine stress particularly frugal lifestyle, and the fact that he lives in a tiny apartment next to the Cathedral of the Argentine capital.
"From his window entered even the tear smokes during the bankruptcy of 2001 when police tried to disperse the crowd from the Square in front of the Presidential Palace. "

Still a fan of public transport was often between passengers of the busy city metro .

Translated in English by G.Athanasiadis from a Michael Doyrmousoglou article in Greek for DOL Newsroom

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