Monday, January 9, 2012

About Facebook

Our life is so strange ...., a very good friend of mine from my childhood until now told me that at some stage in life people are lost. Τhat takes place suddenly, without any particular reason. This is true and today as I was looking for a particular friend in Facebook I found some people and I realized that it's quite a long time since I have not seen them.
Those people were my clients and they were African 's. Some of them still live in Greece. Others left the country for ever or returned to Nigeria for good either settled in European countries and especially in the United Kingdom. With those people I spent many days and hours of my life. With some of them we became friends and then life itself separated us. Today I feel emotion that I saw their faces in the scene Facebook. Several of them or rather not everyone knows that I don't live anymore in Greece.
They will learn from me when they ll read the message that I sent to them along with my friendship request. I felt very moved and I thought of all the positive the technology gives to us and how it can bring together people who inexplicably and also the daily routine and life itself separated them ...

Ceorge Athanasiadis

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