Friday, January 20, 2012


Advertising Filming to be Allowed on the Acropolis

Advertising Filming to be Allowed on the Acropolis
Greece will allow the advertising industry to film in its famous ruins, beginning with the Acropolis. The initiative, regarded for decades as sacrilege by archaeologists, comes at a time when the country is trying to fill empty state coffers. The proceeds will flow to the Archaeological Resources Fund for monitoring and ongoing maintenance of the sites.

Until now, the commercial use of Greek archaeological sites and antiquities was under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Central Archaeological Council (KAS), which has been very careful of heritage conservation. For decades only a select few, including the Greek-Canadian filmmaker Nia Vardalos and American Francis Ford Coppola, could shoot at the Acropolis. Filming and photography for advertising purposes were always prohibited.

A circular from the Ministry of Culture established a new set of rules in late December, including the conditions for the lease of sites for events. For example, under the new rules, professional filming at the Acropolis would cost 1,600 euros per day.

This move has come with vocal opposition from several sectors in Greece, who voice their suspicions that the country's creditors, the EU and the IMF, are pushing the country to sell its historic cultural riches.

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