Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Kostas Kenteris Golden Championist
Sydney Olympics 2000
According to the Code of Greek citizenship, the methods that award the Greek citizenship to an individual are the following:
Every child of a Greek mother or father, obtains the Greek nationality at birth. Every individual born in Greece obtains the Greek nationality at birth, only in the case that at his birth he does not obtain a foreign nationality or his nationality is uncertain.
A foreign individual that was born without his parents being married can obtain Greek nationality if his parents recognized him as their child. After recognition the child is assimilated with the legitimate child, if at the time of recognition was not over 18.
A foreign person who was adopted before he/she became of age (18 years old) as a child of a Greek man or woman, becomes Greek from the time of the adoption.
A foreign individual that is over 18 may obtain the Greek citizenship with naturalization. For this procedure the following documents are necessary:
Application of the foreign individual to the mayor or the president of the village, where he is intending to reside, that he wishes to naturalize with the following attached:
  • Declaration of the foreign individual for naturalization to the mayor or to an authorized clerk.
  • Receipt of payment to the Public Revenues collectors.
  • A copy of his/her passport or other travel document translated into Greek if no Latin characters are used.
  • Residence permit or other document evidencing his/her legal residence in the country.
  • Certificate of birth.
  • A copy of his/her income tax statement of the last year. If such statement was not submitted the interested person should fill in and submit an Official statement according to Act 1599/86, stating that there is no obligation to submit income tax statement to the Tax Authorities. The validity of the signature on the Official Statement should be verified.
  • Document evidencing his/her fingerprint issued by the police station at his/her residence in Greece.......

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