Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thursday, April 05, 2012 Hellas Frappe - Gov't Forbids Putin To Come To Greece and Prefers Kissinger

The Greek state on Wednesday literally "forbid" an expected visit by Russian President Vladimir Putin to Greece this Easter claiming that Greece was not ready to receive him because the country is apparently going to be on hold those days because of the holy holiday, but of course the PASOK government will be in full service and on stand-by for an expected visit by Henry Kissinger during the same week!
The land that bore democracy is going to receive Kissinger who we all know detests the Greek people, and is one of the most hated men in the world, and it rejected a leader who up until now has only shown that he is in full support of Greece and the Greek people.
If this does not send chills up and down your spine dear friends, on the type of people who are ruling us... then we here at hellasfrappe do not know what will.
Our only conclusion, according to what was said in the above video report, -which incidentally was broadcasted in Cyprus and not Greece because the media here has not even touched the subject- is that the government was obviously "instructed" to send this message to the Kremlin from "outside sources".
As stated in the above report, Putin was not coming to Greece for a formal visit, but rather for a personal 2-day spiritual retreat on Mont Athos, therefore the Greek state was not obligated to follow protocol and receive him...
The report therefore debunks the Greek government's statements.
The pitiful excuse that PASOK circles gave (or rather our New World Order Yes Men) gave only paints a bad picture of our country, and gives a good reason to Russian tourists not to visit our country this year. (Tourism from Russia has exploded over the last few decade, while tourism from North America has declined on account of the difference between the Euro and dollar. Also, it does not boost our products on the export market, and we all know how much they have increased over the past year in Russia.
How can they prefer Henry Kissinger over Putin?
He literally detests the Greek people!
How come our sold-my-heart-to-the-devil government does not want to be on good relations with all nations?
Why can't our allies - who only live to instruct and bully small nations such as ours - realize that they have to stop forcing countries to choose sides. If they claim to fight and spread democracy... then they should practise it first. And finally... is it so difficult for them to understand the world needs to finally be at harmony. We are sick and tired of wars and "bad guys". We only want to be at peace and good relations with all countries!
As for our "Yes-Men" government... in one month, the people of this nation will give you their answer!
Τι να πούμε... Ο Εβραιοσιωνισμός στο μεγαλείο του, ολα πουλημένα στους Ροκφέλερ, στους Εβραίους στους Αμερικάνους...

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