Tuesday, April 17, 2012

‎(H) Bahrainis urge world support for revolution: Activist

A Bahraini activist ...has said that the people of Bahrain want the international community to support their revolution.

Speaking with TV, co-founder of Witness Bahrain organization Rhadika Sainath said the Bahrain revolution is peaceful and has been continuing for more than a year.

The revolution has been faced with “brutal repression from the kingdom and Bahrainis feel really isolated and would like the world community to stand with them and to support their revolution,” she said.

In an address at Columbia University in New York on Monday, the activist mentioned that a large number of people have been tortured and thousands of people have been dismissed from their jobs in Bahrain.

“Hundreds were convicted in military trials for such things as criticizing the King, illegal gathering, inciting hatred against the regime, and numerous Shia mosques and places of worship were also destroyed,” Sainath said.

The anti-government protests have been held across the country since February 2011.

Witness Bahrain is a group of international observers monitoring and reporting on human rights abuses, collective punishment and suppression of activists in the Kingdom.

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