Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Prepare to be depressed - NSW's big wet is set to continue through autumn


by: Malcolm Holland
Depressing ... Tourists visit Circular Quay in the rain. Picture: Cameron Richardson Source: The Daily Telegraph
A Sydney lady braves the weather. Picture: James Croucher Source: The Daily Telegraph
Autumn was shaping up to finally give NSW some warm and sunny weather after its dismal summer, but is now predicted to also be wet, cloudy and cool.
Tom Saunders, Senior Meteorologist at the Weather Channel, said today a new pattern of abnormal sea surface temperatures and a record warm Indian Ocean meant more heavy rain through the nest three months.
"Consecutive La Nina's have resulted in Australia's wettest two year period on record and the heavy rains should continue through autumn 2012," Mr Saunders said.
"As the current La Nina weakens it was initially expected our rainfall patterns would return to normal by the middle of autumn. 
"However, a new pattern of abnormal sea surface temperatures has developed to our west with a record warm Indian Ocean.
"This indicates that southern Australia will face a wet autumn."
He said the warm waters will increase evaporation and the transportation of moisture into the atmosphere.
"The moisture will then be blown over southern Australia by westerly winds and cause an increase in both cloud and rainfall," he said.
He said the states most likely to be affected will be NSW and South Australia.
With no reliable method of predicting when the Indian Ocean will cool down it is too early to make a call on winter rainfall for the nation, he said.

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