Sunday, February 26, 2012

Forever in Paradise

By Conn Bardi (U.K.)

It was paradise.
            ‘I wish we could stay here forever,’ said Steve.
The warm breeze was whispering through her hair as she breathed in the fresh sea air. Martinique was an oasis. Where else could you be sipping local rum in a pool staring at the ocean?
            In the distance she could hear the steel bands. People were dancing and enjoying themselves. A salty bead ran down her left cheek, smudging her mascara. 
            It was Steve’s birthday in a couple of days. Sarah thought she’d buy him another present.
            ‘Yeah,’ she smiled to herself. ‘A holiday to Martinique is not enough,’ she thought.
            They had been together for 4 years. Really loved him.
            ‘Rat,’ she exclaimed. ‘You want fun, we’ll have fun,’ she said through clenched teeth.
            Two days into her holiday, he suddenly started leaving the beach early to go and pick up something, or use the toilet or bring his book.
            One afternoon she decided to follow him. His new…’friend’ was clearly very welcoming. She invited him into her hut. What Sarah saw through the half open net curtains should have come with ‘advisory warning’.  She ran to the nearest toilet and re-viewed her lunch.
            She was quick to compose herself and set on planning her revenge calmly.
            ‘First I’ll wear him down, then…’ murmured. Sarah did not become a CEO without clear-headed thinking. She put pen to paper and devised her four-part plan.
Part one: Buy herself a new earlier flight…on his credit card.
Part two: Book him on a scuba diving cruise on the day of her new flight…on his credit card.
Part three: Separate talcum powder into hundreds of little wraps. Conceal them in his suitcases.
Part four: Tip off local customs officers once safely back home.
‘Bye honey. Have fun diving. Wish we could stay here forever,’ she ground her teeth waving at him from ashore.


Her smile was one of release as she put the phone down. She no longer felt trapped or angry or humiliated. Just relieved. Crime Stoppers said they would pass on the information.
‘Bonjour monsieur,’ said the official at the departure gate.
Steve was still puzzled at Sarah’s unexplained departure. He followed the officer, who led him to a small room. His suitcases lay open and wraps of white powder were being counted by officers wearing latex gloves.
‘What’s this?’ said Steve.
‘You tell me monsieur,’ said the officer.
‘What…what does this mean?’ quivered Steve.
‘It means that you will be here for a very long time.’

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