Monday, May 28, 2012

Is there anything else more terrible? That's what happened today in Syria and it s the 28th May 2012

This is the remains of the Houla Massacre that took place 25/5/2012 - 26/5/2012 in an area called Houla (or Hawla) in Homs, Syria.
Who committed these atrocious crimes? The Syrian army. 
What Syrian army? The regime Syrian army. The army that worships a dictator.
I personally, hate posting such things.. but I can’t give any person a chance to say “I didn’t know.”
Around 90 people were killed, bodies are still being recovered. Half or so.. were children.
I don’t what much more to say but this: Dear UN, Kofi Annan and the World, Fuck you.. but thank you. These people will live a better life in Heaven now.
A small part republished from Tumblr

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