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Inherited intestate succession in Greece

Inherited intestate succession in Greece

Special matters

In Greece applies the Inherited Intestate Succession system. According to section
1710 and following of the Civil Code of the country, the categories of succession determined by the law as well as the followed order between the heirs of any deceased. The heirs called in inheritance by classes. In the first class are called the husband or wife and children of the deceased
In the second class in accordance with Section 1814 of the Greek Civil Code:
“The parents of the deceased are called together with the   brothers and children and grandchildren of brothers who have died before him. Parents and brothers heirs in equal shares and children or grandchildren of brothers who have died before the deceased who have died before him exclude the grandsons of the same root.”
If the deceased left a will which specifies a heir for specific asset and does not determine who would wish to be the heirs for the rest of his estate, in that case applies the provision of the following article

Article 1801
Installation in part of inheritance
“If a sole heir had been installed and has narrowed to the succession, for the remaining part occurs by intestate succession. The same applies when several heirs and each one  of them has been installed to  a limited percentage and percentages do not exhaust the clergy”.

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