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Serhan Yavas: An interview granted to Evi Tsolaki and Achilleas Sakkas

Ιnterview granted to
: Evi Tsolaki - Axilleas Sakkas
Translation in English : Manos Tranoudakis
Translator in Turkey : Ender Pinarbasi 
Custody interview : Anna Tsialta 

Serhan Yavaş "There is a recipe for success in everything"

"Its sometime when you want time to be stopped... at that time, at that moment,"
Somehow this is what happens with our beloved Serhan. Two main things have been left to us by this interview among others, His sweet smile and his kindness . Ηis outwards emmiting charm arises from the real treasure that he's got in his soul. Listening to Serhan talking, you think that you are chatting with a common man and not the "Zen Premier" of the TV. Selective as always with his collaborations, great friend with his friends and a sweet "doting father" in relation το the "princess of his life", his daughter!

Our Serhan Yavaş travels through the alleys of his life... Let us follow him!!

Q. Starting from the serial we first saw "Fatal Love" and you as the leader actor in the role of Harun. The serial has become a great success by the viewers

in Greece 

and there's a great admiration for you. How do you feel about all this love coming from the people?

A. I'm too happy about it but it is no something random that Greece loved my role as Harun, as most of the women seek a man like him to share their lives with. He is the man of "love". As Turkish people we have got a lot in common with the Greeks. This love expression to me, is a great honour and I am eagerly looking forward to have a professional "proposal" to play in a TV series in Greece.

Q. Does the character of Harun have common elements with Serhan?

A. Yes, of course. If he didn’t have the features from my character, it would not be as successful and people wouldn’t respond to that.

Q. TV, theater, cinema. Which one do you mostly love?

A. In Turkey, actors earn money from the TV series. Nowadays cinema has been redused. Those who watch theater are very few and it’s not a profitable business as well. I prefer cinema because first of all there is plenty of time available to work for it and there is less pressure than a TV series where the work must come out in a week time. Here in Turkey people use to watch much more the TV serials than any other show.

Q. On a personal level, you are single at the moment but of course you remain a sweet "doting father."  Do you intent to get married again or do you rule out this possibility?

A. Of course I don’t rule out marriage. It's not that easy to find the right person. I do not make frivolous relationships. I have my daughter, my job and I try in everything I do, to have the recipe for success, focusing in three points: my body, my soul and my character.

Q. Your current plans?

A. There is nothing official yet as we are still in discussions about two projects for September. Pressure is something that stresses me and I try ,as much as I can, to slow it down in my life.

Q. Are you intenting to go somewhere for holidays?

A. There is nothing specific yet, but opposite to Mytilini island there is a bay in a small island where I will reside for a week. This time of the year many of my friends visit Greece and why not me? I am planning to see from up-close all the beauties of this place.

Q. What would your message be for Greece, about the situation our country is experiencing now?

A. This situation upsets me because two neighboring countries have such a problem. We watch it every day at the news and it affects us. Of course this is a matter of the Government and politicians have the solution but I am sure that at the end of the day everything will be fine!

Q. Your own message for your fans in Greece?

A. " I love all my friends out there whether they're Greeks or Turkish and thank them for being there”

We thank Serhan Yavaş for his exclusive interview granted to us !!

This is an exclusive interview granted to our friends and good journalists Evi Tsolaki and Achilleas Sakkas, hosted by our website. The article is not censored except if it contains insulting or offensive content 
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