Thursday, June 11, 2015

TISIS! , EXCLUSIVE Backstage photos from a pulp fiction not a usual dark fantasy movie

By George Athanasiadis

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TISIS ... the punishment!
(A pulp fiction movie.... a dark story coming from the sunless forests)


Yorgos Voulgaris (leader actor)

About the upcoming movie TISIS (the ancient Greek word for punishment) there is something new to be shown and that s simply new photos from backstage. The movie will be ready soon and ready for the theatres all over Greece and not only. Hope Australia to be honoured to host a film like this one at Greek Film Festival on October. A pulp fiction and not only a dark fantasy movie, a story that could be true, could have happened nowadays. Ancient myths and traditions say that all human beings must respect and obey to the divine rules and laws. Respect and obey to the ancient Gods. Mortals are mortals and illegality can be born as soon as any temptation leads to an ínferunt. In our story a mortal human being a concisor fell in love with an immortal nymph of the waters living in the forest and married to a God. That brought the curse to him and her. 

Chrissa Daouli (leader actress) Yorgos Voulgaris 

The affronter disrupting the order of the universe, of which guarantor is the King God Zeus, always causes the wrath of the Gods. The Nemesis and Curse, will inevitably lead to  his hard punishment... to his TISIS!
What was the inferunt? What was the crime?

Yorgos Voulgaris - Vasilis Samaritakis

What the supplicium would be?

TISIS.... the punishment!

A pulp fiction movie .... a dark story over the mountains and rivers of Attica, Viotia and Parnassus in Greece

A punishment ... 

Coming shortly at the cinemas in Greece and ... 

Director: George Evaggelopoulos

Starring: Υorgos Voulgaris, Chrissa Daouli, Kostis Savidakis, Chrysa Markata, Achilleas Trevlos, Marios Chanas, Georgia Rentifi, Dimitra Moraiti, Iro Petsa, Georgios Evangellopoulos, Konstantinos Sofianatos Vasilis Samaritakis, Gjerrgji Koloi

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