Saturday, July 30, 2016

Kerry Candarakis at Kensington Contemporary - SYDNEY - "Alchemy" exhibition

Kerry Candarakis
Exhibition: Thursday 28 Jul –  21 August 2016

Mrs Kerri Candarakis is an excellent painter, is Sydney based artist. In multicultural Australia, color is the key of the element of harmony, with both its environmental meaning and its sense of our mental balance and adaptation.
She is a recent finalist in the Chippendale New World Art Prize and she's explorin the concept of colour as a transformative material in her exhibition "Alchemy" 

Kerry's use of brilliant colour throughout the series creates a juxtaposition between the works which are bright and other pieces which are more calm, slow and sombre. In mixing colours, Kerry creates harmony or discord encouraging the audience to find synchronisation and overlooked aspects of an ephemeral hidden world.
The exhibition is from 28 July - 21 August 2016 on 32-34 Kensington Street. (Chippendale) SYDNEY
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