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Brussels, Belgium March 2016... Who is the murderer?

By George Athanasiadis
Lawyer - Playwright
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Brussels, Belgium March 2016... Who is the murderer?

Europe will start to receive the price of the policy which has
for a long time.
The main question is: Who is the murderer?
Who thrashed Iraq? Who benefits from the war in Afghanistan? Who thrashed Libya? Who armed the ISIS? Nowadays who manufactures and sells weapons and bombs that level Syria? Who thrashed a few years earlier Lebanon and who ransacked Yugoslavia?

 A few years ago, the attacks in Libya and Algeria  has been called "Arabic Spring". The imperialistic policy of France and Brussels alongside the Americans and  enhancing the ISIS, has been called fight for democracy. And all this situation hasn't stopped. The attacks against Libya was the beginning  followed by all Middle East and North Africa.
The murder of President Kandafi and his family, the riots, the deadly demonstrations and the murders in Egypt, the installation of dictatorships were not enough for the Europeans and their allies in the Middle East and at the other side of the ocean.
They were feeding and growing up the monster long time ago. Its the same one using different names. Before was called Mousahedin , then Taliban, then Al Khaida, nowadays ISIS who knows what else. 
It was their only available strong weapon  to be used against the north bear (aka Soviet Union and now Russia) When the EU and their allies worldwide finished with Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Lebanon, Palestine (Gaza-West Bank), they started the civil war in Syria. 
The ISIS warriors has been provided  with weapons by whom? All these years who tolerates the everyday's thousands of murders and crimes the ISIS has been convicted in?
And when Putin started the war against terrorism as he said,  the E.U. sent the first planes to bomb the ISIS or the official Syrian army which has been supported all these years by Russia.  President Putin and Russia, China, Iran and other opposite countries have got their own financial interests in the area of Middle East. None of them really cares about the humanity and the human life.
Belgians are not the best nation on the earth but what happened to Brussels International Airport and Metro is very sad. But this is the price of the E.U. policy, this is the price of Belgium policy in Africa decades of years ago and apart from all these Brussels is the capital city of E.U.
And on top of all these is the real policy. A new world raises. The world of fear, terrorism and the use of them by the Governments. What happened to France last year, to USA years ago with the twin towers, to Madrid few years ago at the train station, to Brussels yesterday its only the beginning. The west governments goals are to remove all the individual freedoms of the citizens and their working rights. The industry in general they don't want the Man of the 21st century a human being having his own personality. They want robots and computers. To achieve these objectives, the new capitalistic European -and not only them- governments will use all available tools for a supposed war against terrorism.  The tool that is more appropriate is the creation of sad events like the ones in N.Y city with the twin towers, in Paris, in Brussels a couple of days ago etc.
Who, between the citizens of the EU countries will  react if he doesn't feel safe anymore?
Behind the screen of the obvious, the monster is hidden.
Who is the murderer?

The photos have been found in the internet and the photographer is unknown.

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