Wednesday, June 13, 2012 walk away from multiculturalism is to walk away from success...

An unsual alliance between a first generation migrant and fourth generation Australian has bridged the cultural divide and seen the launch of the bipartisan Parliamentary Friends of Multiculturalism.
At the group's inaugural launch in Parliament House, Camberra, thw group's co-convenors Calwell MP Maria Vamvakinou and Mc Millan MP Russel Nroadbent said they were united in promoting the benefits of Multiculturalism. They believe Australia's diversity is part of who we are, both in the city and the bush.
While some leaders have suggested that multiculturalism has failed in Europe, Maria and Rusell are firm believers that Australian society is quite different. They believe migration haw brought enormous benefits to Australia, adding to the vibrancy of our society and increasing its productivity. The response generated by the friends launch in Canberra on March 24 clearly illustrated  there was huge support to re-ebrace multiculturalism. Many feel , as Rusell and Maria do, that to "walk from mutliculturalism is to walk away from success".
Since March 24 , the friends Group has hosted a follow-up function in Parliament House addressing the role of diplomats in multicultural Australia. His Excellency thw Ambassador of Argentina, and Dean of the Diplomatic Corps Pedro Villagra Delgado delivered the address to a room packed to capacity, with people volunteering to stand the corridor to listen.
Maria and Russell plan throuogh the Friends group  to hold satellite events in different states and territories.

It was the 13th June 2012 a special event at University of Sydney, MacLaurin Hall, located in the Main Quardrangle, Gamperdown.
The ALFA GREEK AUSTRALIAN MAGAZINE was there and a report will be available by GEORGE ATHANASIADIS in July's issue.

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