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Personal information:

Family Name:      Athanasiadis
Given Name:        Georgios
Current:     MELBOURNE -  SYDNEY ,Australia
Permanent: 18 Rodon St. Heraklion 14122, Athens, Greece
Phone mobile:      0421 969 172
E-mail:        athanasiadis.g@hotmail.com
Date of Birth: 22 November, 1959
Nationality: Greek

Aristotelian University of ThessalonikiGreece
School of Law and Economics (Bachelor Degree)
Languages: Greek (native)
English – fluent
Italian – fluent
French – Good

An active member of the Athens BAR Lawyers Association for 28 years.  In my profession I excel in offering high level legal services to both my corporate and individual clients, to local and overseas customers.  My emphasis is on confidentiality coupled with my policies of trust, ensures clients are looked after with utmost professionalism, by offering sound knowledge and guidance for all court appearances and support to succeed.  All within the framework of the legal judiciary system valid in Greece as updated and changed from time to time.
Since 1997 to date I offer my services as a scientific collaborator to the British Embassy in Greece, in the field of criminal law, defending its citizens before the local courts on all legal matters, civil and criminal.

Key skills:
Strong Legal background – Teaching, Organization and leadership skills.

Teaching experience:
I have worked as a teacher of Sociology and Greek language for foreigners and multicultural adult students more than 10 years from 1989 to 1999.

Professional Career:
Representation at all levels of the judiciary system including the Supreme Court.
Engaging in Civil, Commercial and Labor law, with high standing specialty in Criminal law.
In depth knowledge and legal advice, drafting contracts related to real estate locally and abroad and specifically within the European Union.  Resolving all matter on selling, leasing, in the real estate market including matters on family and inheritance law.
Providing legal assistance and advice on aviation law to foreign airlines based in Greece.  Resolve matters through arbitration and represent before the courts matters relating to industrial property, trade, industrial registration and trade marks for domestic and international companies to the local Government Departments.
Handling legal disputes on local and international contracts with regards to  agreements between the International Sports Federations, the Greek Federation of Gymnastics and their foreign counterpart Federations and the International Gymnastics Federation, in defending interests of athletes and sports clubs before the Sporting Courts.
Legalization of residence and worker permits of foreign citizens residing in Greece, in accordance to the Greek, European and international treaties on human rights.
Professional assistance and implementation of European Labor, Commercial law  and Legislation.
Specialize on Greek and international laws regarding intellectual property and handling of such cases in the Local Courts.

Additional Professional Activities:
Journalist and writer in the Greek- Australian press and columnist in the `Alfa Greek Australian Magazine` www.alfamag.com.au ,

Radio producer and presenter on current affairs affecting Greek-Australian on matters in Greece and presenting the show "The journey of our life" for the Greek-Australian radio station www.rythmos1656.com.au
Social Activities:
Member of cultural associations, responsible for managing its financial resources  and real estate.  Activities include purchases, sales, leasing, on behalf of the Management Association.  Expertise includes HR departmental issues of the social institution and unions.  Finally represent the association in legal matters and events.
Painting, Radio broadcasting, traveling and literature