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The property tax in Greece, for the residents outside Greece (Greekaussies, Greekamericans.. etc) George Athanasiadis - Athena Touriki (Lawyers and Solicitors)!

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All Greeks living abroad and Australia, as long as they have assets in Greece, residential, or estates in the region and their places of origin, are now required to file tax returns or to declare relevant forms E1 and E9 and their tax statements. New element from 1/1/2014 is
that the real estate tax transfer has been reduced to 3% from 10% which was before and added the capital gains tax  and estate transfers, as always here in Australia.
The famous "haratsi" has been replaced by the new tax E.F.I.A. (Single estate property tax) and all become liable to pay the tax even the owners of agricultural land for sums 2-15 Euro per acre, depending on the use, location and other factors .

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Furthermore any transaction or estate providing parental or legal proceedings etc. related to real estate, will not be in Greece , if there is no a certificate that the corresponding taxes on the property have been paid for time on the last five years . Therefore all residents abroad should settle in their obligations in relation to real estate in Greece , in order to avoid facing problems and difficulties in the future . Introduced by now the power of attorney and obligation to default a proxy accountant (tax agent) in Greece .
The issues are enough and about all these and for the rest of that concern you in Greece as power of attorneys, pension, pensions from IKA, OGA etc., inheritances, wills, parental benefits, purchases - sales of property, family law matters as well as matters Greek concerning citizenship, Greek ID and Greek passports, please contact us:

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